Why is Cool Loans Your Best Option?

Approval in 24 hours

No hidden fees for express processing. Once all your required documents are in, we will review and approve your loan in 24 hours. *

Low processing fees

Why overcharge customers? We believe in transparency and that is why we keep our fees low.

No long waiting times

Start your application online and we will follow through behind the scenes. Say goodbye to long lines.


Borrowing should be a private affair and you never have to worry about being seen going into an office to collect your cash. It 100% online or remote.

How to get started?

Step 1

Start your pre-qualification online by completing the form

Step 2

Submit all documents for loan review.

Step 3

Loan approved and deposited to your bank account.


Requirements may vary depending on your preferred method of repayment. See our FAQs for details.

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