About us


Cool Loans launched in April 2006, Cool Loans was one of the first micro-loans facilities catering exclusively to the micro loans market within Jamaica. Our lending policies are dictated by the realities of the people we serve, which is why we provide hassle free, unsecured instant loans. We know that life can unfold in unexpected ways so our short term loans can be used to plug a small hole or fill a big gap. With up to 24 months to repay and flexible payment options our customers can easily avoid going into debt.

At Cool Loans, we believe in the power of relationships and our goal is to develop trust and start meaningful growth partnerships with our customers most of whom have become repeat borrowers. 



¿Quiénes somos?

CoolCash DR es una filial de Cool Group of Companies, con sede en St. Ann, Jamaica. Cool Group es una marca familiar en Jamaica desde hace más de 25 años, con más de 350 empleados. Cool Group estableció su primera agencia de préstamos Cool Loans en 2006, y se ha expandido para incluir CoolCash Global con sucursales en Canadá y la República Dominicana. El espíritu de nuestra empresa se basa en las relaciones y la confianza. Creemos que los clientes son la razón por la que existimos y siempre estamos buscando formas de empoderarlos al permitirles el acceso a las cosas que más importan.

A small loan shouldn’t require house and land! That’s why we’ve kept the process simple and made it easier for you to apply from anywhere in Jamaica. Our loans officers are flexible and available to assist you. Simply WhatsApp or call us to get an update on your application.


Needing a small loan shouldn’t be a big deal, so we’ve made the process quick and easy.


The application process is easy and possible from anywhere you are, making an online request that will be answered within 24 hours. There are no hidden fees and we even take care of the payment process. Annual Percentage Rate of up to 41%